Installing the Church Center App

Given the need to register for services and events and to check-in on arrival, we encourage you to please install the Church Center mobile app. Registering can be done online, but is a much easier process using the app. The app will also allow you to check yourself and your family into gatherings.

Step 1

Download the Church Center app

Step 2

Open the Church Center app

If asked whether you would like Church Center to send you notifications, select "Allow".

Step 3

Connect to Calvary Auckland

  1. Select "Get started".
  2. Select "Search manually" (You can also allow the Church Center app to find Calvary Auckland using your location).
  3. Enter the Church address (7 Target Court) and change the country to "New Zealand".
  4. Select "Calvary Auckland".
  5. Select "This is my church".

Step 4

Login with your account

  1. Enter you email address. Select "Next".
  2. A 6-digit verification code will be sent to the email address you entered.
  3. Type the verification code into the Church Center app. Select "Next".
  4. The Church Center app will find you in our church database. Select "Log in as [Your Name]".
  5. You may be given the opportunity to use FaceID, TouchID or another biometric system to login into the Church Center app. 
    • If you'd like to protect access to this app within your phone, select "Enable".
    • If you'd prefer to simply open the app without the added security, select "Not now".

Step 5

Have a look around

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View the groups you're a member of and find other groups you may like to join.
Easily register for upcoming events and services.
Check yourself and your family into events and services.
If you choose, share your contact details and view the contact details of other members of the church.