Calvary Library

Account Setup Instructions for Librarika

Calvary Auckland uses Librarika to catalog and allow you to look up and check-out our books. Here are comprehensive instructions on how to set up an account. 

Step One:

First, go to and click on the Sign Up button. 

Step Two:

Fill in the required fields
  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Click the box to Confirm you’re not a Robot
  • Finally click the “I agree, Please create my account” Button

An email will be sent to your email address. Open the email and click the link to confirm your account. (Please be aware that it may take a few minutes for the email to appear; if it doesn't arrive,  check your junk mail folder to see if it arrived there)

Step Three:

The link will send you to the “My Libraries” page. Click the “Request Member Access” Button. 

Step Four:

In the pop up window, for the "Library URL" write: (Please type this out, do not Copy and Paste as the site does not recognise a copied link)

Step Five: 

Your membership request will be reviewed and you will be given a member number which will be your full given name. If by chance someone with your name has already signed up, your member number will be your full name with the first letter of your family name added on. Your information will never be shared and your member number is only used when you check out a book. Once your membership has been accepted, simply going to will bring you to the catalog page for our Calvary Library.  

Using Librarika

From the Calvary Library home page you can search our catalog. You can choose to search via Categories, Authors, Title, etc

Enjoy browsing our library and reading some amazing books!

Library Hours

Mondays: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 9am-12pm