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Exposition & Authenticity

Calvary Auckland is all about a loving relationship with Jesus through Biblical teaching and authentic community. We believe that Church should be a place where people have genuine encounters with Christ, discover their gifts, and have meaningful relationships with one another. At Calvary you can expect Biblical teaching, Spirit filled worship, and genuinely friendly & welcoming people. We would love for you to join us for our Sunday service! 

Teaching Series: "Spirit Filled" 

This is the beginning of a fourteen-week study on the Holy Spirit.
Person – Who is the Holy Spirit and How can we know Him? // Helper – How does the Holy Spirit help us in our daily lives? // Worship – What does it mean to worship in spirit? // Baptism – What it the baptism of the Spirit and how can we experience it? // Gifts – What are the gifts of the spirit and how can I know and experience my gifts? // Power – How can I experience more of the power of God in my life? // Fruit – What is the fruit of the Spirit?
We will have the teaching and theology, but this is only to help us have the experience we need with God the Holy Spirit. We are going to study about the Holy Spirit not for an educated mind but for a transformed life.
We want to experience the presence and power of God!

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Sundays at 10am